A new place for release announcements

Friendship ended with Twitter, now WriteFreely is my best friend

This has been long overdue, but now that i have AGAIN been suspended from Twitter i have decided to finally move my extended release announcements and analysis away from Twitter. From now on they will be posted here on confidential.exposed, which is a WriteFreely instance, which means you can subscribe to this blog using any ActivityPub network, such as from other WriteFreely instances or from Mastodon at @blog@confidential.exposed. Alternatively you can also follow this blog by pointing your RSS reader to https://confidential.exposed/feed/, or just regularly checking by here.

I will probably also repost some of the Twitter threads i posted during my last few days on the platform onto here.

Thats all for now, – Tillie

(ps. my personal account in the fediverse is @deletescape@notbird.site)