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Sharp logo with glitch effects

Sharp recently leaked a GitLab access token for one of their GitLab servers, which primarily contained the sources for: – ALL components of Networkprint (a thing where you can print stuff in convenience stores in Japan), including drivers, the app, the web app, and all backend things – Some parts of the Sharpdesk document management and office software – Some parts for the new Sharp Cocoro AINAS platform, and other “New Business Model (NBM)” initiatives from sharp – Sharp ProductKey and ProductKey generator infrasturucture (i think this is for Sharpdesk, but I'm not entirely sure) – Some of the other sharp printing apps – Various other things i already forgot about again


Torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:e95f23ad1bb8028fadd5a9238ef274b6a8177a92&dn=%5BEXCONFIDENTIAL%5D%20Sharp%20Office%20Software%20Leak Trackers:

Have fun, – Tillie

Friendship ended with Twitter, now WriteFreely is my best friend

This has been long overdue, but now that i have AGAIN been suspended from Twitter i have decided to finally move my extended release announcements and analysis away from Twitter. From now on they will be posted here on, which is a WriteFreely instance, which means you can subscribe to this blog using any ActivityPub network, such as from other WriteFreely instances or from Mastodon at Alternatively you can also follow this blog by pointing your RSS reader to, or just regularly checking by here.

I will probably also repost some of the Twitter threads i posted during my last few days on the platform onto here.

Thats all for now, – Tillie

(ps. my personal account in the fediverse is

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